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Brake Caliper and Disc Upgrade MQB Platform 380mm 2-pc 6 Pot – RED

£3,118.80 (Including VAT)

RacingLine VWR650000-RED Brake Caliper and Disc Upgrade MQB Platform 380mm 2-pc 6 Pot – RED

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The RacingLine Stage 3 Forged Monoblock Brake Kit moves braking technology to a level above anything seen before in this market.

RacingLines design vision was made possible by advanced 5-axis CNC manufacturing techniques to give this kit more in common with top-level motorsport components than typical aftermarket parts. The result is a combination of ultimate track performance with lightness, stiffness and beautiful attention to detail.


  • Each caliper starts life as an ultra-strong forged billet, before extensive 5-axis machining operations to finish.
  • Fully floating mounting between disc and bell allowing free expansion and contraction with heat without cracking.
  • Cast Carbon disc material with a choice of 355mm and 380mm disc size to fit under different wheel sizes.
  • Triple groove design for improved bite & debris clearance plus reduced distortion / vibration


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