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Roll Centre Adjusting Balljoint Golf 5/6

£154.80 (Including VAT)

Racingline VWR45G502 Roll Centre Adjusting Balljoint Golf 5/6


Ever wonder how the Volkswagen Racing Cup cars find the front negative camber, additional caster and geometry control that is so vital on-track? It’s the Racingline Cup Edition Front Suspension Upgrade Kit.

The Cup Edition Front Suspension Upgrade Kit is a race-proven package of upgraded lower arms, ball joints and replacement motorsport-specification bushes. This is exactly the kit that our Cup Race Cars use, and will transform the handling and steering feedback on your car.

Together, the fitment of the Cup Edition Front Suspension Upgrade Kit will allow you to adjust in an additional static negative camber to the front wheels, together with extra castor given by the offset front control arm rear bushes. Plus it provides a 44% unsprung weight-saving from the cast steel original arms.

The difference? You will instantly feel your car responding with a new-found crispness and precision during cornering.

Supaloy Lightweight High-Stress front control arms, Roll-Centre Adjusting Lower Ball Joint Kit and Uprated Poly Motorsport Bushings

The front control arms are 44% lighter than standard cast steel arms, and considerably stiffer, reducing flex under load.

Add a range of 0.5 to 1.0 degree of static negative camber to front wheels via slotted lower control arms. Added 1.0 degree of castor from the offset front control arm rear bushes.

Black, motorsport spec polyurethane replacement bush materials ensure maximum geometry control and driver feedback.

The Lower Ball Joints supplied with the kit have a longer pin which provides some roll-centre correction on a lowered car by dropping the angle of the lower arm back down to close to optimum.

Noticeably more front-end grip and improved driver feedback. Combine VWR suspension modifications such as the VWR Coilover Suspension, Top Mounts or Anti-Roll bars, for a transformative effect.


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